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Sudan rejects Egypt’s resolution in GERD issue

Sudan has rejected a draft resolution proposed by Egypt to the Arab League to support both Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissances Dam (GERD) negotiation.

Egypt’s official news agency MENA quoted sources as saying that “the Sudanese side did not show any enthusiasm, but rather requested that Sudan’s name not be included in the resolution.”

Sudan argues that the resolution does not serve its interests. It said the pan-Arab bloc should not be involved in the dispute.

Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mukhtar Bilal Abdelsalam, recently said his country will consolidate its support to the dam.

“It is our view that the dam is not affecting the volume of the water for Sudan,” he said in an exclusive interview with ENA.

He also downplayed rumors that Sudan has now positioned itself in support of Egypt at the current negotiations underway among the three countries.

Ambassador Abdelsalam said his country has been providing support and working together with Ethiopia as Sudan has real interest on the grand dam.

He added Sudan has always been determined in its stand that the Nile River should be an area of cooperation.

Sudan is also convinced that GERD will not affect the volume of water it gets from the river, he pointed out.