List of Awards and Nominations of 2019 Ye Bego Sew Award three categories

honor people who made, or are making, greater contribution to Ethiopia and its people/society. This year’s award ceremony was the 7th of its kind since the Award’s inception in 2015.

Here is the list of nominees and awardees in Teaching, Science & Culture catagory.

Teaching Category

  • Shitaye Alemu
  • Meskerem Lechisa
  • Hiwot W/meskel

Winner: Hiwot W/Meskel

History & Culture category

  • Admase Melaku
  • Samuel Ketema
  • Abdulfetah Abdella

Winner: Abdulfetah Abdella

Science Category

  • Legese Negash
  • Sebsibe Demsew
  • Tadelech Atomsa

Winner: Prof. Sebsibe Demisew





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