Ethiopian ethnic extremists trying to break oldest church in the world

(BRANA PRESS) A year after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made arrangements for divided Ethiopian Holy Synod to reunite after over 25 years of division due to TPLF administration born problem, radical ethnic-Oromo nationalists have started campaign to break up the Ethiopian Church Holy Synod.

Their plan is to establish “Oromia Orthodox Church.” On the surface, an individual who is identified as Kesis Belay is leading the movement. The picture of this man and the radical activist – Jawar Mohammed – together has been seen circulating on social media. And there are speculations that entities behind Jawar Mohammed, local or foreign, are likely behind the movement to break up on of the strengths of Ethiopia – the Ethiopian church – as Prime minister Abiy Ahmed himself said once.

However, the Holy Synod seem to believe that there could be other individuals and groups behind him with a sense of vengeance and hatred against the Ethiopian Church. Some activists and political observers go further and see foreign hands behind this move.

The Ethiopian Church Synod, which held emergency meeting his week, is opposing the move on grounds that it is against the dogma of the church.

And this high ranking body of the Ethiopian church wrote letter to the Ethiopian government encouraging it to stop this illegal movement. So far, the government has not responded officially to the call from the Ethiopian church.

As well, they called on Ethiopians from all walks of life in the country or abroad who are members of the church to vehemently oppose the movement to break up the Ethiopian church.

Prelates within the Ethiopian church believe that the movement will not lead Ethiopia towards peace.

In the video below, Archbishop Abune Yosef talks about the decision of the Holy Synod.

Illustrated by Borkena



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