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Despite the ongoing political crisis Ethiopia and Kenya partner against cross-border crimes

(BRANA PRESS) Ethiopia’s and Kenya’ Attorney General offices have signed agreement to partner against cross-border crimes and human trafficking.

Ethiopia’s Attorney General, Berhanu Tsegaye and Director of office of the Attorney-General of Kenya Noordin Mohamed Haji, signed the agreement here today on behalf of their respective countries.

Attorney General Berhanu said the long-standing relations existed between Ethiopia and Kenya could be a model for other African countries.

He further recalled the talks held previously between Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed and Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to combat cross-border crimes.

He said two countries need to attach due attention for and work together to address the plight of Ethiopians who are crossing the border along the two nations to reach to South Africa, Tanzania and other countries.

Stressing the importance of combating terrorism and cross-border corruption as well, Attorney General Berhanu said Ethiopia wants to emulate Kenya’s experience in this regard and its capacity building and technical supports.

Director of office of the Attorney-General of Kenya, Noordin Mohamed Haji, commanded Ethiopia’s ongoing economic, social and political reforms as well as its determination to combat corruption.

The director said he came here to sign the deal in order to cement the ties between the two nations and cooperate in the fight against human trafficking and cross-border crimes.

He also invited Ethiopia to join the East African Association of Prosecutors (EAAP).



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