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Civil Aviation Authority passes ICAO’s audit with flying colors

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) disclosed that it has scored high grade in an international aviation audit conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

ICAO, the UN body charged with regulating the global aviation industry, regularly audits its 193 member states aviation authorities to ensure aviation safety all across the globe.

Accordingly, a team of ICAO experts has been auditing the ECAA that regulates the aviation industry in Ethiopia.

At a press conference held on Friday January 31 Shimeles Kebreab, deputy director general, air navigation, said that ECAA scored a record high grade of 91.78 point. “This is the highest score that we attained and it is the highest grade in Africa,” Shimeles said. “This means that the national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, can fly to anywhere in the world. We should all be proud of this remarkable result,” Shimeles said.

Ghana scored 89, Egypt 87 and South Africa 84 in similar audit conducted by ICAO. In the first ICAO audit in 2006 ECAA scored 65 points above the global average which was 60 at that time. In 2015 ECAA scored 67 points and in 2018 73.2.

The ICAO mission made the evaluation on directorates of aviation personnel and training organization certificate, air operator certificate and surveillance, aircraft registration and air worthiness certification, air navigation regulation, aerodrome safety and standards, accident investigation and support staff of the authority, it was learnt.



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