A historical visit after Queen of Sheba; Netanyahu says during PM Abey visit to Israel

(BRANA PRESS) Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abey Ahemed paid a visit to Israel today On September 1, 2019. During the welcoming ceremony, Israelis Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it is the second great visit of Ethiopian leaders after the Queen of Sheba.

The Queen of Sheba is Ethiopian Queen and a figure first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. In the original story, she brings a caravan of valuable gifts for the Israelite King Solomon.

This tale has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic, and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient.

Two primary strands of history connect to the Queen of Sheba, from opposite sides of the Red Sea. According to Arab and other Islamic sources, the Queen of Sheba was called “Bilqis,” and ruled over a kingdom on the southern Arabian Peninsula in what is now Yemen. Ethiopian records, on the other hand, claim that the Queen of Sheba was a monarch called “Makeda,” who ruled the Axumite Empire based in northern Ethiopia.

Interestingly enough, archaeological evidence indicates that as early as the tenth century B.C.E.—about when the Queen of Sheba is said to have lived—Ethiopia and Yemen were ruled by a single dynasty, probably based in Yemen. Four centuries later, the two regions were both under the sway of the city of Axum. Since the political and cultural ties between ancient Yemen and Ethiopia seem to have been incredibly strong, it may be that each of these traditions is correct, in a sense. The Queen of Sheba may have reigned over both Ethiopia and Yemen, but, of course, she couldn’t have been born in both places.

PM Abey’s Visit

Prime Minister Abey Ahmed visit to Israel is one of the remarkable visits he has made so far. Referring to the historical relationship with Ethiopia, prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said his visit is historical.

Abey went to Israel after visiting South Korea where he signed many agreements between the two countries.



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